Bank Al-Maghrib: Bank Al-Maghrib Employment Competition (14 jobs)

Bank Al-Maghrib: Bank Al-Maghrib Employment Competition
(14 jobs)

Bank Al Maghrib, the central bank of Morocco, is organizing a recruitment competition to fill 14 positions across various departments. This exclusive article delves into the details of this competition, highlighting the roles, responsibilities, and essential information for potential applicants.

About Bank Al Maghrib
Bank Al Maghrib, established in 1959, serves as the central bank of the Kingdom of Morocco. Its primary objectives include issuing banknotes and coins, implementing monetary policies to ensure price stability, supervising the financial system, managing foreign exchange reserves, and contributing to financial stability. Additionally, the bank plays a crucial role in overseeing payment systems' security and efficiency.

Positions Available
The recruitment competition offers opportunities for 14 positions, each integral to the bank's operations and strategic objectives:

(1) Functional Administrator (Integrated Physical Security System).
(2) Cyber and security risk analysts.
(1) Enterprise engineer.
(1) IT Project Manager.
(1) Data Engineers Base.
(1) IT consulting engineer.
(1) Network and communications engineer.
(3) Studies and development engineers.
(2) Pinster Engineers.
(1) Technical integration.

The core responsibilities of the recruited candidates encompass a wide range of functions crucial for maintaining the efficiency and stability of Bank Al Maghrib's operations:
  • Issuance of banknotes and coins
  • Implementation of monetary policies to ensure price stability
  • Supervision of financial market operations
  • Management of the country's foreign exchange reserves
  • Oversight of the banking system's operations
  • Contribution to maintaining financial stability
  • Ensuring the security and monitoring of payment systems
Additional Tasks
In addition to the core responsibilities, selected candidates may also engage in other tasks, including:
  • Financial advisory services for the government
  • Treasury operations domestically and internationally
  • Contribution to financial inclusion and education initiatives
Bank of Morocco recruitment competition 2024

The Bank Al Maghrib recruitment competition presents an excellent opportunity for professionals to contribute to the central bank's vital functions and strategic objectives. With diverse positions available across various departments, candidates can find roles aligned with their expertise and career aspirations.

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