Coca-Cola employment in various fields in Morocco 2024

Coca-Cola employment in various fields in Morocco 2024

In the dynamic landscape of the beverage industry, Coca-Cola continues to lead not only in innovation but also in its commitment to excellence in manufacturing and electrical operations. As part of its workforce expansion for the year 2024, Coca-Cola is actively seeking individuals for key positions, each vital to ensuring the smooth functioning of its manufacturing facilities. Let's delve into the specifics of these roles:

Manufacturing Operations Supervisor

Budget Management Oversight:
  • Developing and forecasting budgets and strategic plans for departmental scopes.
  • Ensuring budget control and analyzing variances in achievements.
  • Ensuring budget assumptions' suitability and standardization.
  • Creating investment project files and conducting profitability studies.
  • This role demands adept financial management skills coupled with strategic foresight to ensure optimal resource allocation and project viability.

Automation Technician

Maintenance Planning of Automation Equipment and Electrical Installations:
  • Establishing preventive and corrective maintenance schedules for automation and electrical equipment.
  • Participating in Preventive Health Monitoring (PHM) scheduling.
  • Ensuring automation and electrical equipment control.
  • A meticulous approach to maintenance planning and a keen eye for technical detail are essential for this role, ensuring uninterrupted operations and equipment longevity.
Electrical Technician

Compliance with Qatar Stock Exchange Requirements:
  • Applying and enforcing QHSSE procedures, SDA, operation methods, instructions, and rules.
  • Reporting deviations in the Qatar Stock Exchange and contributing to their elimination.
  • Participating in internal and external audits of the Qatar Stock Exchange.
  • This role necessitates not only technical proficiency but also a strong commitment to safety standards and regulatory compliance, ensuring a secure operational environment.

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