Medical University Scholarship in Saudi Arabia 2024 - Fully Funded

Medical University Scholarship in Saudi Arabia 2024 - Fully Funded

In the heart of the Middle East lies the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a country known for its rich culture, vibrant economy, and commitment to education. Among its cities, Jeddah stands out as a beacon of progress and innovation, hosting esteemed institutions like the Al Butargee Medical College.

About the Grant
The Fulbright Knights Grant is tailored for academically outstanding students with a passion for making a difference in society. Sponsored by Al Butargee Medical College, this grant covers tuition fees up to 600,000 Saudi Riyals. Established to support high-achieving students and orphans, the grant provides carefully designed financial assistance, opening doors for deserving individuals to achieve their educational aspirations.

Eligible Countries
Applicants from all corners of the globe are welcome to apply, reflecting the grant's commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Funding Details
Accepted students will receive:
  • Full and partial scholarships.
  • Funding of up to 600,000 SAR.
  • Access to all academic programs.
  • Available for all nationalities.
  • Open to both new and current students at the college.
Available Specializations
The grant covers a wide array of academic programs, including:
  • Preparatory Year Program
  • Bachelor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Dentistry
  • Pharmacy Program
  • Physiotherapy Program
  • Healthcare Management Program
  • Nursing Program
  • Occupational Therapy Program
  • Radiology Sciences Program
  • Respiratory Therapy Program
Required Documents
Applicants must provide:
  • High school diploma.
  • Passport.
Admission Criteria
Candidates are evaluated based on:
  • Academic Excellence: Applicants must demonstrate high academic performance (95% high school GPA) and provide transcripts of previous achievements.
  • Personal Skills: Candidates should possess leadership, teamwork, and effective communication skills.
  • Social Responsibility: Applicants must be willing to engage in community service.
  • Personal Interview: Candidates must pass an interview with the grant committee.
Application Deadline
Applications are currently open until all slots are filled.

the Fulbright Knights Grant represents a golden opportunity for aspiring medical professionals to embark on a journey of academic excellence and community service in the vibrant city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


    1.Who is eligible to apply for the Fulbright Knights Grant?
  • The grant is open to students from all countries.
    2.What expenses does the grant cover?
  • The grant covers tuition fees up to 600,000 SAR.
    3.Are there specific academic programs covered by the grant?
  • No, the grant is available for all academic programs offered at Al Butargee Medical College.
    4.When is the application deadline?
  • The application is open until all slots are filled.

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